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 Recruitment Process

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The Reaper
The Reaper

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PostSubject: Recruitment Process   Tue May 13, 2008 8:47 pm

If you would like to join the Waba team please fill this information out. Once you have done so, one of the admins or leaders will have a tryout scheduled for you, and if you pass, you will be told to tag up as a recruit. After about two weeks of having the recruit tag on you may be told to take if off, and from then on you will be a full member.

*XFire and Ventrilo are REQUIRED to join Waba. If you do not have both of them, please download them before posting your application.*

**Your Steam ID is NOT your Steam Account name. It should look something like "STEAM_0:0:123456"**

Game Alias:
Real Name:
Time playing CS/CSS:

Time playing Waba's Server:
Home City:
Actual Age:
Xfire username(Required):
Knowledge of Computers (FTP/Programming/Etc):
Donations (Yes or No):
Cal Experience Etc:
Why you want to join:
What can you bring to the clan to help out:

Who referred you:

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Recruitment Process
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