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 Beginner's Guide to Being a Waba Admin

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PostSubject: Beginner's Guide to Being a Waba Admin   Fri Jul 11, 2008 3:19 pm

This guide is for all Admin's to read, new or experienced. In this guide you will find a "How-to" introduction to being a a Waba Server Admin. You will also find some Rules for Waba Admins to abide by. Below that are some guidelines for how to handle certain situations and what punishments to give out to rule breakers. These rules may be updated at any time, and it is your responsibility to check back to see if anything has been changed. I will make a post below this one saying that this guide has been updated and to please read the update. If an admin does not abide by the following rules, they can and will have their admin rights removed.

Quick Guide to using Admin:
Type 'bind z admin' in console. You can make the 'z' anything you want. When you press the key you put there, it will bring up your admin menu.
2) Type 'bind f1 "ma_givecash #all 16000"' in console. When you press f1, you will give everyone in the server full cash.
3) To talk as an admin in the Green font, press your chat key (default is 'y') and place '@ ' (with a space after it) before what ever it is you want to say as admin. Ex: "@ Hello World"
4) To talk to just the other admins in the server, do the same as talking as an admin, except you will do it in team chat (default key is 'u').
5) To capture someone's Steam_ID, type 'status' in console. A list of all player's in the server at the time will be displayed in the console along with their Steam_ID.
6) To record a demo, type 'record name' in console ('name' can be anything you want it to be, it will be the file name). To stop the demo, type 'stop' in console. If you would like to playback you demo, type 'demoui' in console and find the file you would like to view.

Rules for Admins:
1) Admin's shall not abuse their powers to give themself or any other player in the server an advantage or disadvantage over everyone else.
2) Admin's shall respect ALL player's in our server. Just because you are an admin doesn't mean you can insult and pick fights with players in the server.
3) Only hackers shall be banned on the spot. If a non-hacker is causing problems, take a demo of whatever they are doing and send it to a Leader or Co-Leader for review. Remember to get their Steam ID.
4) No one gets permanantly banned without a demo. I don't care how obvious it is that the player is hacking, if you don't have a demo, you do not permanantly ban them.
5) No fun rounds without a vote. If you would like to do a fun round, you must make a vote (ma_votequestion "Question" "Answer 1" "Answer 2") for the players in the server to decide if they want it or not. At least 80% of the players have to vote in favor of the fun round for you to go through with it.
6) Do NOT give Weapons or Health to yourself. There is no reason to ever give yourself health or a weapon. Certain guns are only on CT or on T for a reason, lets keep it that way. And you can't even pick up an AWP, so that doesn't matter.
7) Do NOT threaten ANY player in the server. Waba admins give out warnings to people and let them know the process of what comes after a warning (First Offence = Warning / Second Offence = Kick / Third Offence = 1 Day Ban). The biggest problem we have with this is brand new admins going on power trips. Waba is a very very chill community and we promote fun playing in our servers. Do not threaten or pick fights with anyone in our server.
Cool Do NOT ask for more admin. When you have proven yourself enough to us, we may CONSIDER promoting you to a higher admin level. Asking a leader for more admin only pisses them off and hurts your chances of getting an upgrade.
9) Do NOT ban by IP. If you are going to ban someone, ban them by their Steam ID.

What to do to Annoying/Hacking players:
1) Verbal Warning - If a player is causing problems in the server, give that person a kind verbal warning. There is no need to antagonize them by being an asshole to them. Just ask nicely.
2) Kick - If after a couple warnings, the player is still being a jackass, you can kick them from the server.
3) One Day Ban - If the player keeps coming back in after you kick him, give the player a one day ban.
4) 1 Week Ban - Repeat offenders that have been banned for One day numberous times.
5) Permanent Ban - The only players that get permanently banned are players that were hacking in our server. In order to ban the player, you must get a demo of the player hacking and also grab their Steam_ID.

Admin Levels:
1) Basic Admin - Only have authority to give cash and talk as admin.
2) Level 2 Admin - Authority to Kick, Non Perm Ban, Slap, and slay
3) Level 3 Admin - Authority to Create Votes, Perm Ban, and Fun Player Management
4) Level 4 Admin - Access to the Rcon menu in Mani Admin
5) Full Admin - Authority to use any admin command they choose. They can also add and remove Clients and add and remove a Client's Admin Rights.
*All Admin levels also carry every abililty from the previous level

Reason's for Kicking and/or Banning players:
1) Hacking (Ban)
2) Intentional Team Killing (Kick/Temp Ban)
3) Verbally Abusing Another Player (Kick/Temp Ban)
4) Mic Spamming for Extended Period of Time (Mute/Kick/Temp Ban)
5) Continual Breaking of Server's Rules (Kick/Temp Ban)
6) Constantly Annoying Players in the Server (Mute/Kick/Temp Ban)
7) Unconnected Player Name (Perm Ban)
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PostSubject: Re: Beginner's Guide to Being a Waba Admin   Thu Nov 06, 2008 4:26 pm

The Admin guide/rules have been updated.

I have added "Unconnected Player Name (Perm Ban)" to the Reasons for Kicking and/or Banning Players. I also added "Do NOT ban by IP" to the Rules for Admins.
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Beginner's Guide to Being a Waba Admin
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